As an environmental service business, Vertex is ideally positioned for ESG performance. We understand the responsibility we have to maximize our internal ESG performance and have made it a corporate commitment. Our Mission and Core Values have been a long-standing guide and speak to the concept of constantly evolving, expanding our knowledge base, service offerings, and expertise, and creating long-term sustainable change. Ultimately, our intent is to create business resiliency by becoming a primary source of executable ESG supply chain solutions for our customers. Our ESG Design focuses on aligning with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and our ESG-specific mission and core values. Learn more about ESG and Sustainability at Vertex.

ESG Mission Statement

Vertex is committed to building a resilient, sustainable business with long-term growth opportunities for our customers, our
shareholders, our people, and our communities. Constant evolution towards increased efficiency and adaptability drives our
financial, environmental, social, and governance performance.

ESG Core Values

Integrity: Accountability, transparency, and measurement drive our performance. We communicate our objectives and then
move towards those objectives using our adaptability to change the path, not the destination.

Safety: The foundation of every decision and behaviour is safety. This includes ESG as we strive to improve the safety of our
employees, subcontractors, clients, and the public through our commitment to the environment and sustainability.
Execution: We relentlessly focus on execution over the concept. It is not that we have ESG concepts that others do not, instead, we
execute those concepts with an unmatched intensity and commitment to excellence. ESG is used to drive competitiveness in
both cost structure and project outcomes.

Critical & Creative Thinking: Radical open-mindedness creates a corporate culture unable to accept the status quo. We
understand that ESG success will be driven by objectively working through problems, collectively focused on innovative
solutions and services.

Constantly Evolving: Perfection is an unattainable state and ESG for Vertex is not about current state perfection or getting to
an end goal. There is no end game, the destination is the process of constantly evolving and creating positive, long-term
sustainable change.